Welcome to the Sikho Stock Market!

We are on a mission to educate every Indian about the stock market. We believe that the stock market is no longer an option; it is a required skill for every family. When we lack financial and investment knowledge, we make poor decisions for our life and our family.

SikhoStockMarket was started by Chetan Mirani, who jumped into the stock market at the age of 17. He faced lots of issues and challenges. He made lots of mistakes. He learned from the world’s two best teachers—losses and mistakes. He aims to coach people in such a way that their journey in the stock market becomes easy, interesting, and result-oriented.

Many people depend on bank deposits, saving schemes, and mutual funds only. They are very scared of the stock market. There are many misconceptions about the stock market. We want to remove these misconceptions and want to spread positive, correct, and correct knowledge of the stock market. The stock market,

like any other field, if practised with discipline, can earn income and build for yourself and your family. Routine and common investment and saving options will never help you get to the next level in your life.

A common person should not avoid the stock market; rather, they should use it to help build a better future and wealth for their family.

We have designed specific courses especially suitable for beginners and new people in the stock market. No prior finance, accounting, or stock market knowledge is required. This opportunity is for anyone and everyone.

Go ahead and start today. Keep in touch with us for any queries or doubts.

I wish you the best!

Sikho Stock Market