Zero to Hero Complete Course on Options Trading

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The only course you need to learn about Options Trading. Learn all the basics of Options, Options Greeks, Options Strategies, Options Chain, and Strike Price Section.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn all the basics concepts of the Options Trading
  • Learn all the basics of Call & Put Options
  • Learn all the Options and Terminology
  • Learn Options Buying
  • Learn Options Selling
  • Learn Options Pricing
  • Learn Options Time Decay
  • Learn How to Trade Options
  • Learn How to use Options Chain
  • Learn Advance concepts of Options Trading
  • Learn Options Greeks
  • Learn Options Interest
  • Learn Simple Options Strategies
  • Learn more than 20 Options Hedging Strategies
  • Learn How to Select Options Strike Price
  • Learn how to read Payoff charts
  • Learn how to analyze the strategy
  • Become a Master in Options Trading

Course Highlights:

  • In the Hindi Language
  • 50 Plus Videos
  • Live Examples of all Options Strategies
  • Easy to Understand
  • Practical & Useful in Real life
  • Chapter-wise Quizzes
  • Course Certificate
  • Query Solving via WhatsApp

Why did we create this course?

Many traders try Options Trading but they fail hard. There is no practical and useful course in the market that teaches everything about Options. If you want to become successful in Options Trading, then your basic knowledge of Options should be very good. You need to have a very solid clarify of how options work. This is why we have created this course. After completing this course, all your doubts and challenges in Options Trading will be solved.

Course Learning Process:

Once you start the course save our mobile number on your phone and keep in touch as you move forward with the course. Whenever you have questions please ask via Whatsapp so that as you make progress in your learning journey you can also solve your doubts. Step by step we will unlock the course section so that you can learn topics effectively and ask questions accordingly.

100% Refund Policy:

We offer a 100% Refund policy within 2 days of your payment if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Once you initiate your refund request – please allow us 48 hours to process your request.

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How students rated this course


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Rasool Fanibandh 9 months ago

Easy to understand. The course is very detailed and informative.

Shatanik Ghosh 1 year ago

True guru. All options traders should take this course

vipul 6 months ago

Superd teaching. ncredible course! I'm so glad I took this course. I now know how to trade. I also now know what I did wrong in the past. There was so much about options that I thought I understood but now know that I had very little understanding when it came to placing the trade.

Chirag 7 months ago

Honest teaching. The information is given in course is priceless. Best course on Options.

HarshadKumar Ramabhai Talpada 1 year ago

Learned so much. Well presented introduction to options trading. The illustrations and examples helped me understand the potential and more importantly risks associated with Options trading. it would be easy to think that options trading is straight forward, but this brief course was good at highlighting the up side and down side to each options contract.

Dattatray 9 months ago

Easy to understand. This is absolutely an amazing course for any beginner to understand each and every bit of Options trading. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the best part is he speaks to the point which is needed and doesn't keep on repeating stuffs which sometimes is the reason for losing the interest.

Syed irfan 1 year ago

Nice course. All the training modules were excellent, the explanation and presentation given was neat, clear and understandable.

Ahsan 7 months ago

I appreciate it. This is a good course for a beginner or anyone who wants to refresh knowledge of basic trading concepts on trade management


Wise & Nice. Fantastic job. It is not the most interesting subject to learn but the teacher does a great job and simplifies things.

Mahesh 1 year ago

Content are good. As a beginner this course, by far, is the best explanation I've had about the Options

sharvan bhati 2 years ago

Very helpful. It was fun taking your course, it was full of valuable information and I feel it guided me in the right direction. As an instructor, you deserve a 5 star.

Manmohan Pathak 1 year ago

Too much knowledge. You can understand easily option after buying this course.

Hemington James 1 year ago

Learned so much. Every sentence is loaded with practical, trustworthy knowledge. I've watched the course two times, and I will probably watch a third time to see what else I can catch. THANK YOU!

Ravi 1 year ago

Practical course. The teacher takes his time to explain all the concepts really well, and uses illustrations that aid in understanding the subject matter.

S.Senthilkumar 1 year ago

Very much useful. The course is very detailed and informative.

Ravindra patel 7 months ago

Hands down the best course. Great course. Simple and concise explanation of basic option concepts. I highly recommend it.

Santosh Bajpai 1 year ago

True guru. The course is very detailed and informative.

Kinjal 1 year ago

Simple and Resonable. Great course. Simple and concise explanation of basic option concepts. I highly recommend it.

Akash Mahadik 1 year ago

Excellent course. This options course is worth 100 times for what they are charging. Really great.

piyush jain 1 year ago

Wise & Nice. Course was a delight to take and finish. I like how the instructor was easy to follow and clear.



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  • Demat/Trading Account


  • All people who want to learn complete options trading.